Report: Nigeria Reaches Deal with Boko Haram to Return 200 Kidnapped Schoolgirls

Reports out of Nigeria say that the Nigerian government has reached a deal on a ceasefire with the terrorist organization Boko Haram. Part of that deal seems to be the release of the 200 schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram way back in April of this year.

A statement released by Marshal Alex Badeh said in part, “I wish to inform this audience that a ceasefire agreement has been concluded.”


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There doesn’t seem to be any timeframe on the return of the girls, as even the ceasefire itself can’t be truly “confirmed.” Boko Haram is not just one cohesive organization but several different factions led by different men. If the government has indeed been speaking with the most powerful of these groups and have indeed gotten them to agree on these terms… the girls could be home soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with these young ladies and their families – we continue to pray for the safe return home soon.

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