Repeal and Replace? Trump Says he Wants to Keep Parts of Obamacare Intact

“Repeal and replace” might sound like a catchy rebuttal to Obamacare, but why not just repeal it? Part of “draining the swamp” should not be replacing the dirty water with more dirty water.

Most people now understand that Obamacare was designed to fail to elicit more calls from the public to institute a single payer system. Obamacare was rolled out relatively slowly, because I think part of the plan was to have another Democrat (Hillary) succeed Obama and continue with the same agenda. Donald Trump wasn’t part of their plan.

Now Democrats are fearful that “everything they’ve worked for” the past almost-eight years, all the “progress” they’ve made (I know…what progress?) will be undone. One can only hope that President Trump, together with the Congress, will be able to undo all the damage that’s been done.

This is not the time for government to be expanded. It’s time for it to be contracted.  Part of contracting government is repealing bad laws like Obamacare, and not replacing it with anything.

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But Trump is hinting at keeping parts of the law intact:

In an interview with Chris Wallace, Trump’s top transition advisor Kellyanne Conway gave a little more detail on the new President’s replacement plans:

“It would do what Obamacare doesn’t do: let you buy health insurance across state lines the way you can buy auto insurance and other goods and services. It would block grant Medicaid to the states. It would create health savings accounts to individuals, which is a very free market solution that works in the private sector in many places. So — and he would also get rid of the Obamacare penalty practically on day one through his tax reform.

“He also has talked about convening a special session on January 20th after he is sworn in as president of the United States to do this very thing, to repeal and replace Obamacare. It would be a pretty remarkable move. So, what you see with Donald Trump is what you get, and I believe that’s why the voters gave him this election and this mandate.”

My concern is that Obamacare will simply be replaced by Trumpcare. I don’t think we should have either. The whole point should be to get government out of the way. The more government gets involved with any industry, the more cost and prices go up, and the more quality goes down.


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