Rep. Duncan Calls Out Anti-Trump Republicans: ‘They’re Part of the Swamp’

Congressman Jeff Duncan is calling out Republicans who oppose President Trump’s agenda, stating that they have “become part of the swamp.”

People like John McCain and Mitch McConnell need to be drained just as badly as Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi!

Duncan added that it was the American people who elected Trump, and they did so because of the agenda he promised. Congress needs to back him and help him accomplish those promises which include: repeal/replace of Obamacare and building a border wall.

On Wednesday, Duncan posted on Facebook in reference to McCain, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker:

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“Parroting late night talk show hosts so you can become endeared by the Washington establishment doesn’t make you some kind of hero, brave, or even a statesman,” he continued,  “It means that you think you know better than the people who elected you, or have become susceptible to self-promotion and flattery.”

Breitbart reports:


Duncan said the media loved Flake’s anti-Trump speech on the Senate floor but failed to report the reason he gave it — he was vacating his seat because he could not win reelection.

He said, “Why? Because the people support President Trump and his agenda, and Senator Flake does not. He has taken it upon himself to say that when it comes to immigration, trade, border security, and other issues, he knows what’s best, not the people of Arizona. Is that the mentality of a public servant? I certainly don’t think so.”

Duncan continued, “When I came to Washington, I said I wasn’t going to drink the water up here,” Duncan wrote. “I had no interest in becoming part of the Swamp. I made it very clear that I was here to represent the people of South Carolina, not to make friends.”

Flake, on the other hand, has drunk the water and is part of the swamp, Duncan wrote.

“He screwed up by abandoning the conservative principles that got him elected and now he wants to blame President Trump?” Duncan said. “Give me a break.”

Then Duncan wrote something that most Americans who voted for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are also wondering.

“Imagine what we could accomplish as a country if Republicans in the House and Senate actually supported the president and his mandate?” Duncan wrote. “A more secure nation, a stronger military, tax reform, economic growth, and job creation.”

Duncan said that it is about time “to support President Trump and his agenda for the people.”


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