Remember When in 2008 ABC Predicted Global Catastrophe by 2015 Because of Global Warming?

The brilliant folks at Newsbusters took some time to remind us all about the fear mongering of global warming zealots. Back in 2008, ABC News ran a segment on Good Morning America predicting nothing but doom, gloom and global warming related disasters destroying American by 2015.

Here are some of the dire predictions that ABC News was hyping for the church of global warming:


PETER GLEICK (SCIENTIST/PACIFIC INSTITUTE): In 2015, we’ve still failed to address the climate problem. 

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JOHN HOLDREN (PROFESSOR/HARVARD UNIVERSITY): We’re going to see more floods, more droughts, more wildfires. 

Unidentified Voices: Flames cover hundreds of square miles. 

We expect more intense hurricanes. 

Well, how warm is it going to get? How much will sea level rise? We don’t know really know where the end is. 

Temperatures have hit dangerous levels.

Agriculture production is dropping because temperatures are

HEIDI CULLEN (WEATHER CHANNEL/CLIMATE CHANGE EXPERT): There’s about one billion people who are malnourished. That number just continually grows. 

Other predictions: A gallon of milk would be $12.99, a gallon of gas would be over $9 and New York City might be partially covered by rising tides.


I kid you not – watch for yourself and remember this was ABC News!


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