Remember When Hillary Clinton Said – ‘I Am Adamantly Against Illegal Immigrants’

The great Rusty Weiss over at Mental Recession has been reporting on news from The Empire State of New York for years, which is probably why he remember about this little gem from Hillary Clintons past.

“I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

Perhaps as her former boss did on the topic of gay marriage, Hillary Clinton appears to have ‘evolved’ on immigration.

In a dramatic advance to the left, Clinton vowed yesterday to expand amnesty through Obama’s executive actions to a greater number of illegal immigrants if she is elected President.

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Specifically citing the parents of so-called Dreamers – those who willfully violated laws to enter the country, as opposed to just their children – Clinton said, “We should go as far as we can to get the resources to provide support and, particularly, representation, and change some of our detention processes within the kind of discretion I think the president has exercised with his executive orders.”

Obama had cut those parents out of his amnesty order, the Justice Department claiming it would be going too far.

Clinton’s hard-left turn, willing to go ‘too far’ on amnesty, is in stark contrast to her stance as a New York senator.
Read the Rest and See what Hillary said about Immigration at MenRec….

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