Remember When Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton is “Very, Very Capable,” and that Her Health Care Plan is “Very Good”?

Is the title a bit shocking? I bet you had forgotten about that, hadn’t you? Or maybe, you never knew that he said these things. No, he didn’t say it way back in the 1990’s, he said it in 2007 as Clinton was preparing her run for the White House in 2008! This isn’t ancient history folks… this just happened.

Andrew Stiles of the Washington Free Beacon said it best…


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In case you’re having a bit of trouble believing that the so-called “conservative” Donald Trump was ever a member of “Team Clinton,” Buzzfeed was kind enough to dig up the proof for us.



During the 2007 Democratic presidential primary, Donald Trump spoke favorably of Hillary Clinton, telling Wolf Blitzer that he thought she would win the nomination “rather easily.”

“I know her very well,” Trump said. “She’s very talented. And she has a husband that I also like very much. I think she’s going to get the nomination rather easily.”

Trump added later in the interview that he thinks Hillary Clinton is “very, very capable.”

Trump was also asked about Clinton’s 2007 health care proposal, at the center of which was an “individual mandate” similar to the one President Obama would later include in his plan.

“I think it was very good. I think she came out with an idea. It’s a very, very complex set of things going on right now in terms of healthcare. But she came out with an idea, it sounds like a pretty good idea, and a lot of people like it and embraced it. And she learned a lot from her previous encounter,” Trump said.


The Buzzfeed article goes on to point out that Trump has also given huge sums of money to the Clinton Foundation, somewhere between $100K and $250K! Trump (and his son) also gave their money to ensure Clinton campaign victories in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007. It also mentions that the Clintons are close personal friends of the Trump family — Hillary even had a front row seat at his last wedding!

So, you conservatives who are supporting Trump’s candidacy should consider this… Clinton was a BIG fan of both Clinton’s until very recently, and he even thought Hillary’s health care plan (which was even more liberal than Obamacare) was “very good.” Are you sure this is the guy you want to be supporting? Are you sure that Donald Trump is actually even a Republican? (I’ve explained why he isn’t here and here.)

If you’ve been supporting Trump’s candidacy or were even considering it… it’s time to move on and find a new candidate to support.

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