Remember This Hillary Scandal From 20 Years Ago?

No More of This

Realizing that there is a significant number of voters who came after many of Hillary Clinton’s earlier escapades, might we review and refresh prior to being hoodwinked by Clinton’s current verbiage?

Slightly over twenty years ago, on June 11, 1996, columnist Steve Dunleavy wrote a piece in the New York Post which opened with an appropriate word linkage to both the Clintons: “Unbelievable.”

For those too young to recall when Clinton was first elected as President, the White House Travel Office came under the intense scrutiny from First Lady Hillary Clinton. An effort commenced to replace Billy Dale and his staff; a person who, for over 32 years, loyally and efficiently served both Republican and Democrat Administrations.

This undertaking ultimately included, as Mr. Dunleavy describes, “one of the most venal acts that the Clinton White House ever perpetrated.”  These abusive actions of slander and even criminal charges, were set in motion simply “because Hillary wanted to put one of her cronies in the Travel Office.”

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Previously, an article from the Los Angeles Times was featured on June 6, 1996 in the Philadelphia Inquirer which identified one particular Hillary crony, Hollywood producer Mr. Harry Thomason, who as the report states, “had been lobbying the President for a share of the travel business.”

In their effort to replace Dale, another incident emerged.  This was to become known as Filegate.  Somehow, as Dunleavy writes, “the White House improperly got personal FBI files on 341 prominent Republicans.”  In response, a “bureaucratic bungle” was the given excuse.  Supposedly, this second scandal occurred, as Dunleavy details, “when Clinton realized that Hillary might have gone too far in ‘the hit’ on Dale, so they went to the feds to construct a climate of infamy around the poor guy.”

Dale and company were fired on May 19th, 1993, “allegedly for mismanagement of the office.” Later, “President Clinton acknowledged the dismissals were a mistake and offered the workers new jobs.”

This brief glimpse examines just one of the many sandals which earmarked the Clinton Presidency and will no doubt resurface if another Clinton re-enters the Oval Office.  Yet there is so much more that remains pertinent with current events.

The LA Times piece began with, “The White House improperly used the FBI for political purposes by obtaining confidential files on the White House travel director seven months after he was fired.”  Now this is a vendetta type of “nasty!”  And the plot thickens, as was reported, “FBI Director Louis B. Freeh disputed the notion that the use of the files by the White House was improper.”  In strict cover-up mode, regardless, what else could be said?

Insight from Hillary’s target, Mr. Dale details even farther.  Commenting on the 341 victims of Clinton’s illegal search and seizure efforts, Dale stated that “these are people who were mostly advance people.  People who might be volunteers, some of them getting paid per diem or some who were paid for a few weeks work.”

When asked about their relevance, Dale offered, “Well, these are the people who you can single out, track them down and say to them:  ‘Hey, you did some work for so-and-so.  What was he like?’  In other words, people who are very ripe for leaks about a person’s personal or private life.”

Some things never change.  The slanderous approach and criminal charges leveled at Mr. Dale so long ago has resurfaced in our main stream headlines concerning Trump.  These people are not leaders, they are unethical and immoral bullies.  For those who missed those Clinton years, this was just a sampling of what many of us endured and would again become common place with another Clinton Presidency.

It is a fact that Clinton is responsible for what is taking place so close to Election Day.  And for those who may have had a change of heart after Comey’s recent announcement, maybe this over extended voting period should be reconsidered.

Long ago, statesman Lord Acton remarked that, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Now when the unworthy and/or corrupt gain office, the results are guaranteed.  Incapable of knowing, Lord Acton pinned the tail on the Clinton donkey quite accurately!

Discounting the emotions of days past, the election of a commander-in-chief, who “dodged” our Nation’s draft, immediately lowered the standard of the American Presidency.  Now his wife, who by her own actions has brought about this election crisis, will no doubt double down with her reckless and even cold abandon.

Her performance will always obliterate her promises.  When reviewing their past actions, the expectation for accountability comes in second to their defense of “I can’t recall,” “what difference does it make” or “I’m going to say this just once.  I didn’t have…”  Can we all finally agree that American leadership demands more!

In closing, the headline of Mr. Dunleavy’s piece provides a bit of insight from a time when the realities of a Clinton Presidency smothered its rosy anticipation.   Without today’s politically correct cautions, consider, “If you still believe Clinton, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.”  Trump couldn’t have said it any better!

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