Religion of Peace? In Italy, Christian Converts from Islam Live in Fear of Attack!


We’ve become desensitized to the violence that seems commonplace in the Muslim world, and that’s just sad, but what may be sadder still is that we may someday soon become inured to the violence from Muslims in the Western world as well. Consider the daily reports of Muslim violence from Germany, Sweden, France and England and realize that we hear new and disturbing reports of Muslim violence in Europe almost every day! In fact, things are so bad in Europe that even in Italy, the heart of the Roman Catholic world, more than a thousand Christians live in hiding because they fear reprisal from the Italian Muslim community!

For example, the Vatican Insider tells the story of Omar, an Egyptian who converted to Christianity from Islam. Omar told them that he has to hide his faith out of fear for his safety. “I can not openly practice my Christian faith, I fear that some fanatical Muslim may do harm not only to me, but especially to relatives who remained in Egypt. Why – you ask – Italians who convert to Islam can go quietly talking about it on TV and instead I have to hide to avoid retaliation?”.  

Again, we’re used to these stories in Pakistan, Egypt, Iran and even India, but in the West? This is why we must be stridently pro-freedom, even when it borders on the offensive. It is not that we are against Muslims; it is that we are for freedom, personal responsibility, and the rights of the individual. These things stand in stark contrast to the religion and culture of Islam. You cannot be consistently Muslim and consistently pro-freedom. We must fight against the Islamization of the West. At Breitbart they have more on this story

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The name Italians are using to refer to the believers who must conceal their religion as “ghost Christians.”

In Islamic countries, conversion to another faith always implies serious consequences. The crime of apostasy is punishable in different ways, from “civil death” (job loss, the denial of education of children and certain rights, breakdown of family ties), to prison sentences or the death penalty.

Yet even when living in western countries, “apostate” Muslims can live under a threat of harm to their own persons, and especially to family members still living in lands with an Islamic majority.

“Even in a land of emigration, the apostate is the subject of disapproval, threats or violence on the part of their community, or of his own family,” said Father Samir Khalil Samir, an Islamic scholar. “Hence the need for converts to live in confidentiality.”

Let us not let it be said of us that we allowed anyone to live in fear because of their faith. Let us not be the generation that surrendered our freedoms or the freedoms of our neighbors simply because the culture told us we couldn’t win. Politically correct liberals are begging Americans to lay down and “submit” to the Muslim fascists, but we will never acquiesce. We won’t let our children and our grandchildren be forced to identify as “ghost” anything.

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