Refugees Fight Armed Robber with Screwdriver

And they explain on TV to the armed robber and his friends how they can get money and keep from being stabbed by a screwdriver or worse.

Armed robber Desmond Edmond saw four Thai refugees pulled over in a broken-down car and saw an opportunity. But it didn’t work out for him the way he had hoped. Police tracked him down, say the victims, from the trail of blood coming from his face where he was stabbed by a screwdriver.

The Thai refugees had a message for Edmond that they gave to the KETV 7 audience. However immigration policy needs to be reformed, these four men are a credit to their new country. I hope they prosper here and eventually get concealed-carry permits so they don’t have to resort to screwdrivers.

KETV 7 reports, “Victim uses screwdriver to fight off alleged roadside robber.

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“He said, ‘I’m not playing. You guys want the easy way or hard way?’” Moo War, another reported victim recalled.


“They used a screwdriver on his face and then he tried to run away,” said Lay Hae, another reported victim […]

“Just protecting us, you know,” said War. “If he didn’t make the move, maybe one of us might be dead by now.”

As Edwards sits in jail, held on a $200,000 bond and faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted, the group of men has a message for the Omaha teen and others:

“You can’t rob somebody like that,” said Jaw. “You want money? Just go to work. I mean, fix yourself and stuff like that. I mean, you want to feed your family with some money? All you’ve got to do is go to work.”

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