Red State Democrat runs Pro-Obamacare Ad

Do you think Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) is scared?

What if I told you that he just started running an ad that trumpets his support of Obamacare?

Yep, now you KNOW he’s running scared.

Here’s his latest ad which expresses his support for Obamacare and why voters in Arkansas who hate the law should actually be happy he voted for it.

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Mark Pryor is feeling the heat from his opponent Republican Tom Cotton, and he knows that the only way to win in November will be to use a bold approach.

Well, you can’t get much bolder than jumping on the bandwagon for a piece of legislation that the majority of America (and the vast majority of Arkansans) HATE.

I personally can’t wait until I can start calling Tom Cotton “Senator Cotton.”

By the way, if you haven’t gotten to know Tom Cotton yet… take a look at this.

Here’s hoping Rep. Cotton will be Senator Cotton soon.

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