Recognizing The Recognizable

The practicality of being able to recognize or identify certain elements in this convoluted and computerized whirlwind of what we call today’s American society is probably the most elementary of necessities and one which is being contrivedly ignored.

Why is this?  Simply because there is an ongoing agenda to circumvent any of America’s fundamentals; the studying of ageless principles such as America’s Founding, her Constitutional structure, personal individualism and National loyalty.  Without this foundation of proper knowledge, we are merely gullible, dupes who dangle upon the influencing words of authority.

Has anyone attempted to digest fully the breath of negativity which spurns continuously from an industry which previously was heralded as being a free press?  Consider, one verses two scoops of ice cream?  Such irrelevancy!

In all likelihood, that olden term is now considered a relic but have we ever asked how it is that we respond with this dim attitude?  Are we even capable of pondering why we cavalierly toss away what our Founders valued so highly?  How many would insipidly ask, “what are Founders?”  With this changing perspective, dare we question what spurs this American distain?

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These queries pertain to the condition which has transpired from our slow and methodical transformation into being mentally pliable.  And in a free society, this state is verboten since the devious always take advantage of the manipulated.  Think about the end result from this instituted ignorance.  What is the difference between one who can’t read verses one who won’t?

Without getting too specific, the media’s general reaction since November, 2016, in concert with its followers, mainly attests to its intentionally false narrative.  These unsubstantiated public alerts, which were non-existent during the last two Presidential terms, should and would be rebuked if our people had a firm grasp of those standards and principles which have been academically trashed.

This symmetry between a weaken course study and the equally affected public word introduces a difficult to recognize creeping of a designed mischief against our American fiber.

The final product or destination of both crippling affects is one thing but the overall intent is something for which needs to be, yes, recognized.  Yet, many not only fail at this but argue in defense of their own mental trampling.

Looking back, there was a time when communism was not embedded within America’s trading partners but represented our number one enemy.  The very fact that all this has morphed into a “see no evil” commerce standard should be mind boggling when remembering the “Red” in what was “Red China;” which apparently has been forgotten and/or forgiven.

Once again, who benefits?  Certainly not the American consumer.  Those cheap overseas manufacturing prices have slowly crept upwards while its iffy craftsmanship continues to sink.

This trading deception needs reviewing yet due to our current mental malaise, we routinely object to Trump’s proper and probable trading revisions.  Once again, without that foundation of American understanding, oh and did I include the basic understanding of loyalty and its patriotic fervor of America first, without those essentials, that “see no evil” sentiment will prevail without any hint of its deceptive practices.

And lastly, the limitless assaults against that November election shocker has elevated the media’s liberal bias into the lofty perches of intentional deception and lying at will.  Their flaunting of arrogance never before editorialized with such bold print is emblematic of a dark future; if the public’s inherent duty of recognition and subsequent “push back” continues in absentia.

If truth can once again be valued, it will reveal that instead of a free and sovereign people’s “push back,” today’s ‘push back” has come from the “establishment’s” defying of a legitimately elected President; simply because he represents an interruption to their design for America’s gradual decent into socialism.  Instead, Trump brings a return to a patriotic elevation and the cherishing of an America which was and which needs to be again.  America’s foundations must and hopefully will be revitalized but first, she needs a proper recognition and appreciation from her people.

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