The Real War on Women – Islamic World Leader says Women are not Equal to Men

Where is the feminist outcry when the real war on women is being raged around them? Seemingly nonexistent.

This past week the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told women gathered at a women’s conference that the reality is women are not equal to men!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said women cannot be treated as equal to men, and has accused feminists of rejecting motherhood.

“You cannot put women and men on an equal footing,” he told a meeting in Istanbul. “It is against nature.”

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His latest remarks were delivered at a women’s conference in Istanbul.

“In the workplace, you cannot treat a man and a pregnant woman in the same way,” Mr Erdogan said, according to the Anatolia news agency.

Women cannot do all the work done by men, he added, because it was against their “delicate nature”.

“Our religion regards motherhood very highly,” he said. “Feminists don’t understand that, they reject motherhood.”

He said women needed equal respect rather than equality.

We can argue the merits of Erdogan’s statements – because some of what he says is obviously true. Women can’t do all the work done by men (in a physical sense), and we do treat pregnant women differently from men in the workplace. However, there is a much broader sentiment being conveyed within Erdogan’s statements — and they relate to Islamic teachings and beliefs.

The reality is that it’s not just in these few situations where Islam treats women and men differently. Women are also treated differently in every aspect of everyday life! In a devout Islamic nation like Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive, can be charged with a crime when they are raped and, will finally be allowed to vote in 2015… and don’t forget that anywhere a woman goes, they must bring along a male “guardian.”

Yet, are feminists raging against Islam? No, they spend their time arguing that conservatives want to enslave them. They argue that conservatives seek to silence them and steal away their rights. American feminists fight conservatives because they fear that we will make our nation like those in the Islamic world… instead of fighting to free the Islamic world women from real evil. Feminists in western nations are like rodeo clowns – pretending to fight danger when in reality they are simply distracting us all from the REAL dangers out there.

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