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In the Tampa Bay area there toils a man of values and guts by the name of Joshua Black. He is a conservative activist with principles. I’ve been a big fan of his for some time because of his willingness to say it like it is… even when it may not be popular.

He recently wrote an excellent post on Facebook decrying our current hard-hearted culture and calling conservatives back to their Christian roots. It’s brilliant – please give it a read.

I am baffled by Christian Americans who rejoice in the suffering of those who have yet to be proven to have committed a crime. Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem, even though He knew that they deserved the Judgment they received. Shouldn’t we be reluctant to delight in the suffering of those who have only been accused?

Furthermore, isn’t Christian evangelism about saving souls from Hell, the ultimate suffering? If we have no compassion for suffering in this life, how much compassion will we have for souls that God sends us to talk to about Him?

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JoshuaBlackI understand self-defense. Jesus told His Disciples to carry equal defensive weapons to the occupying military. I think He expected them to use them. But that’s not what torture is about.

The Inquisition taught us that you can make anyone say anything you want them to, if you’re cruel enough. That’s why the Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment.

Notice that this prohibition is not narrowed to federal dealings with American citizens. The Eighth Amendment is an absolute prohibition against any federal agency or directive or permission to torture any human being anywhere, no exceptions. (This is also why federal funding for abortion is unconstitutional.)

The other mistake people make who justify the government’s mistreatment of detainees (people who have never been proven to have any connection to any act of terrorism), is that the arguments they are using against these people will be used by someone like Obama against them in the future.

Make no mistake, the top levels of the two major parties are in cahoots against the entire rest of the nation. You see it in their bipartisan tyranny. Those of us who speak out against their evil deeds, compromises, and lies are considered enemies of the State. We will be subjected to these mistreatments in the future, if these criminal politicians get their way. And they are getting their way when we consent to these unlawful deeds.

Finally, Bush’s torture tactics are evil, but even more evil are Obama’s drone strikes on the people of Arab nations. We have all clearly seen that this president has an ideological agreement with Muslim terrorists, so why would we believe that he us targeting Muslim terrorists with these attacks? I believe he is helping the terrorists. That’s why he had a sixteen year old assassinated and called his dad a terrorist.

With this post, I renew my call for justice to be served in the case of American teenager, Abdul-Raman.

And I renew my call for limited government. If criminals like Obama keep getting elected, we need to strip the offices they hold of the power to destroy lives–even when “our people” sit in those offices.

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