Are You Ready? 40 Million Mexicans Want to be American

With the Obama administration’s horrendous immigration policies already wreaking havoc along our southern border and the planned amnesty of some five million illegal immigrants in the near future… you might think the tidal wave of illegals could possibly grow any larger.

You’d be wrong…

The latest poll from Pew Research found that 34% of the Mexican population would move to the United States if they were given the opportunity! If you’re wondering what kind of number that might represent… we are talking about 40 Million people!

Net migration from Mexico to the U.S. – including unauthorized migration – fell sharply between 2005 and 2010. This decline is reflected in the percentage of Mexicans who report knowing someone in the U.S. Today, 32% of Mexicans say they have friends or relatives they regularly communicate with or visit in the U.S., a 10 percentage point decline since 2007.

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illegalThe number of Mexicans who think a better life awaits those who move to the U.S. has also decreased since 2007 (51% in 2007 vs. 44% in 2014), though this is still the plurality view. About a third (32%) now think life is neither better nor worse north of the border, and only 18% believe life is worse. Roughly half of young people age 18-29 are more likely to see the U.S. as a land of opportunity (51% better life), compared with only 40% of Mexicans age 50 or older.

Still, the percentage of Mexicans who are inclined to move to the U.S. remains steady at roughly a third (34%). People who want to migrate north are split between those who would move without authorization (17%) and those who would move only with legal authority (17%). Nearly two-thirds of Mexicans (65%) say they would not go live in the U.S., even if they had the means and ability to do so. Men (38% would move) and young people age 18-29 (51%) are particularly likely to say they would go to the U.S. if they could.

Notice that net migration fell between 2005 and 2010, some of that was because of economic collapse (starting around 2007), but for the first couple of years the drop was in part because of our immigration enforcement.

If you couple the Obama administration’s decision to stop enforcing immigration law with the welcoming posture of the Democrat Party towards illegal immigration and mix in the possible upcoming Obama Amnesty with Blue-State Governors embracing illegals with open-arms (hello Governor Jerry Brown of California)… we have a recipe for disaster on our hands.

If you think the current tidal wave of illegal immigration is bad, wait until the next 40 million decide to make a run for the border.

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