What We’re Reading September 30, 2014

What We’re Reading September 30, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Tuesday September 30, 2014.

ABC’s Jon Karl wants to know how President Obama could blame the intelligence community for underestimating ISIS when they’ve been saying how dangerous ISIS was for over a year?!?!

I implore my fellow citizens in Kansas – Don’t be fooled by Greg Orman! He’s an independent in name only; the man is a liberal Democrat and if you elect him you WILL regret it. Case in point, here he is not answering a very simply question about Obamacare.

CNN’s Jake Tapper doesn’t understand why the government and media can’t see that the Oklahoma beheader was clearly a Muslim “extremist.”

“Some call this a case of workplace violence. The suspect’s devolution into the world of radical Islam is hard to ignore.” 

“Nolen clearly seems like an Islamic extremist. I don’t understand quite why the FBI isn’t calling this terrorism. Seems like one of the lone wolves that they themselves have been warning us about.”

A 2nd Oklahoma Muslim is in jail awaiting a hearing about a terrorism complaint against him. The 30 year-old Muslim man threatened to cut the head off of one of his former coworkers. WHAT IS GOING ON IN OKLAHOMA?

Liberal icon Camille Paglia opines on the way colleges and universities infantilize supervision of students’ sex lives.

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