What We’re Reading September 23, 2014

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Trending: Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder

This shouldn’t be good news for the Obama administration – some liberal observers seem to think that the ISIS war rollout looks a lot like the Obamacare website rollout!

At least 24 children, some as young as 13, have travelled from Germany to Syria to join ISIS. Several of them have already returned to Germany – with experience on the battlefield.

So much for that new age of peace that the Democrats were supposed to be ushering in. Far from the podium of the Nobel Prize celebration, President Obama is ushering in a new age of Nuclear arms accumulation. Some cynical bystanders may see a new nuclear “arms race” between the US and our enemies developing…

Along the same lines… Hillary Clinton is considered a real contender to be the next Democrat nominee for President. On the Republican side, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul also seems to be a likely candidate for the 2016 run at the White House. Amazingly, most Americans see Clinton as “more of a Hawk” on foreign policy than her possible opponent Rand Paul!

Sadly, Arab civilization has collapsed and there likely won’t be a renaissance anytime soon.

Whatever happened to that climate change consensus? It seems to be rapidly disappearing.

As physicist Gordon Fulks of the Cascade Policy Institute puts it: “CO2 is said to be responsible for global warming that is not occurring, for accelerated sea-level rise that is not occurring, for net glacial and sea-ice melt that is not occurring . . . and for increasing extreme weather that is not occurring.”

No, liberals are not more “empathetic” than conservatives.

By the way… Hillary Clinton loves Saul Alinsky too!

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