What We’re Reading September 22, 2014

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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts made some amazing remarks during a question and answer session at the Nebraska College of Law this past week.

Roberts said he’s concerned about the other two branches of government. “They are not getting along very well these days,” Roberts said during a question and answer period at the Nebraska College of Law. “It’s a period of real partisan rancor that, I think, impedes their ability to carry out their functions… “It’s not like it’s always been that way,” Roberts said. “Justice (Antonin) Scalia, I think, was confirmed unanimously. I think Justice (Ruth Bader) Ginsburg was confirmed unanimously. Neither one of them would have a chance today. And that doesn’t make any sense. That’s bad for the judiciary.”

Once again a conservative book is being punished by the New York Times bestseller list. David Limbaugh’s Jesus on Trial should rank somewhere between #4 and #8… but instead the NYT has left it off their list. Limbaugh’s book has actually sold more copies than at least 17 of the other Top 25 books!

“While publishers have long tried to discover the secret recipe by which the New York Times concocts its bestseller list, it seems increasingly likely that they are ‘cooking the books’ to fit their particular ideology,” Marji Ross, president and publisher at Regnery, told WND in an email.

“Yes, of course, conservative books appear on their list – including many Regnery books. I can only assume they are forced to place conservative books on their list in order to retain some sliver of credibility. But this trend of underreporting sales of conservative books is pronounced – and hard to justify.”

Los Angeles is planning on PAYING citizens to vote! George Will says that this “plan” is ridiculous.

Don’t look now, but our “friend” and the next host of the World Cup… is funding the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Rape is horrible, but the media and the left are simply making up this “plague” of sexual assault. Sexual assaults are actually down by 30% from 20 years ago.

Texas is now the heart of conservatism.

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