What We’re Reading September 19, 2014

What We’re Reading September 19, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Friday September 19, 2014.

Look folks, there’s no bias here – Republican cities are just better.

Uh-oh, Republicans… Al Gore is here to tell you that climate change will doom your 2016 hopes. You better shape up… or Al Gore is probably just wrong again.

What in the world is wrong with Mark Sanford (R-SC) and why does he insist on over-sharing with us?

Democrats could be in big trouble this midterm election – if you can remember back to 2002, it seems that “Security Moms” are back and they are leaning Republican!

Can Western Democracies really justify using torture to stop terrorism?

Is Scotland proof that “tribalism” is overcoming transnationalism?

The decomposition of the nations of Old Europe is the triumph of tribalism over transnationalism. The heart has reasons that the mind knows not, said Pascal. And the wild heart is winning. The call of blood, history, faith, culture, and memory is winning the struggle against Economism, the Western materialist ideology that holds that the desire for money and things is what ultimately motivates mankind. [The American Conservative]  —  Pat Buchanan

It seems that Scotland will vote “NO” on the question of Independence. So the rest of the UK can breathe a sigh of relief… but all is not well. The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow, voted “Yes” on Independence.

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