What We’re Reading September 1, 2014

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Remember when Britain gave the colony of Hong Kong back to China, with Chinese assurances that life would continue as usual in the bustling city? Well, now some 17 years later, China has finally ended that farce. The Chinese government has informed the people of Hong Kong that any elected officials in the city would now have to first be approved by the central communist government in Beijing.

Will 2014 be the year that America’s Jews finally line up behind the solidly pro-Israel GOP? Don’t bet on it.

The Democrats are happy to take the young voters for granted, but the reality is that Hillary Clinton has got herself some major issues with the millennial voter.

In Wisconsin the reforms passed by Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) have worked, and the state is seems to be hurtling forward on all cylinders… so why does Governor Walker find himself in such a hotly contested race?

The National Review’s own Jonah Goldberg wishes that the President would just quiet down. The subheading to his latest piece is pure gold – “When the world already thinks you’re weak, saying as much on live TV is probably a mistake.”

Guess who’s paying that new Obamacare tax? If you guessed “me” (as in you – dear reader), you’re right.

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