What We’re Reading October 22, 2014

What We’re Reading October 22, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Wednesday October 22, 2014.

ISIS has now released a video proving that the weapons that we were providing the “moderate” rebels in Syria are now in the hands of the not-so-moderate terrorists.

Oh. And those moderate groups that we are supporting… are fighting amongst themselves on the streets of Turkish cities.

There are rumors floating around out there that ISIS is trying to build an Air Force. Our Air Force is praying that these rumors are true, so they can show ISIS what happens when they try to fly. “If ISIS is flying, or is thinking about flying, it will not be doing so for very long,” one Air Force official said.

Listen folks, there is no reason to be overly worried about Ebola. If Nigeria can stop Ebola in their nation… then surely the United States can do the same.

After some hand wringing and a lot of worrying… it seems that Kansas has drifted back into Republicans’ favor and the liberal Independent who once seemed so popular is now an underdog again.

American Jeffrey Fowle who was arrested in North Korea for leaving a Bible in his hotel room has finally been released and is now on his way home.

A new Pew survey finds that Internet news leans left.

Iowa is growing less rural and more urban.

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