What We’re Reading October 17, 2014

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President Obama, please stop flights from Ebola affected nations! The nations of Africa say that closing the borders saved thousands of lives… America should follow suit.

The problems our government is having responding to the Ebola outbreak is indicative of the inherent problems with expecting/hoping the government will take care of everything. By their very nature, governments have a difficult time seeing ahead – the government is forever “downstream” of culture – which is why when a crisis occurs the government ALWAYS seems unprepared. Problems like curing Ebola should always be left to the private sector. Now, government officials are concerned about the mass hysteria that could be coming next from our Ebola outbreak.

The pundits at the Hill think that Ebola is what will sink President Obama… they don’t seem to realize that the dude is ALREADY sunk.

Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) Presidential aspirations are fading and he’s doing everything he can to get them back on track.

Rumors are swirling that Republicans are confident that if they can retake the Senate, immigration reform becomes a much more likely possibility. With the House and Senate in Republican hands, the public will put pressure on President Obama to work with Republicans in getting common sense reforms passed.

Well, this could be good or bad news. The NSA apparently has a very “close” working relationship with American companies.

Iranian and Russian military are now working together

The Mexican drug cartels are real and they are terrifying.

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