What We’re Reading October 13, 2014

What We’re Reading October 13, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Monday October 13, 2014.

Happy Columbus Day!

Why is the world’s most effective recruiter for radical Islam and jihad simply walking about freely on the streets of England? Anjem Choudary continues to recruit followers to join ISIS and other Muslim groups.

The war against ISIS is not going well. Our military leaders seem to understand this… but our political leaders – not so much.

Uh-oh. Apparently the USA doesn’t actually have a single standard response for Ebola. That can’t be good.

Dick Morris says that the Clinton’s orchestrated Leon Panetta’s new book as a “hit” against President Obama.

“I think Hillary put him up to it,” Morris said. “What Panetta is doing is a hit – a contract killing – for Hillary. Panetta at core is a Clinton person, not an Obama person. By accurately and truthfully describing the deliberations in the [Obama] cabinet, he makes Hillary look better, and he makes Obama look worse … And I think he’ll get his reward in heaven.”

A new documentary on Edward Snowden reveals how he did it, and the fact that there may be a 2nd NSA leaker.

Booooo! At 90, Jimmy Carter is campaigning in Georgia… again.

Um. No thank you. As if clowns weren’t terrifying enough already.

Britain’s oldest sex change has 81 year-old James becoming Ruth.

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