What We’re Reading November 8, 2014

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The GOP made BIG strides with African-Americans in this election – but still were only able to win about 10% of their vote.

The GOP won, now they need to govern. What happens next for the suddenly dominant American political party? George Will has some ideas for the first steps the Republicans should be taking… but will they listen? Charles Krauthammer thinks that the Republicans should remember that they didn’t win… the Democrats lost. However, that doesn’t mean that Republicans shouldn’t use this opportunity to hold the Democrats feet to the fire.

Everyone needs to remember that the only reason the GOP had the chance to do what they’ve done over the last few years is because the Tea Party breathed life back into the GOP.

Why were all of the polls so wrong about the wave that was truly building around America?

The President won’t need to veto much, because the Republicans don’t have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. With only 54 seats in the Senate, Republicans fall short of the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome any Democrat threats of filibustering.

Don’t worry – Harry Reid plans to keep spending his time fighting the Koch brothers instead of doing the actual business of the people.

Blech. John McCain is apparently planning to run for his Senate seat again in 2016.

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