What We’re Reading November 7, 2014

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President Obama continues to ignore the election results and pretend that the voters who voted on Tuesday don’t actually count. President Obama has also been saying that he can “hear” the voters, but in the same breath he pretends that the people who voted on Tuesday aren’t “real” American voters. If I wasn’t already disgusted with the President… I certainly am now.

President Obama seems hell-bent on shoving amnesty down the throats of the American people, so what should the Republicans do if he does?

The War on Women attacks seem to have largely failed which could be very bad news for Democrats in the near future.

Here’s the secret (and completely true) lesson to take away from the 2014 midterm elections… Nobody can Govern America from the Left.

There are other lessons to glean from Tuesday’s post-mortem but the big one is that Barack Obama has is a detached President whose 6-year term has thus far ben an unmitigated disaster. The Democrats have now become synonymous with economic despair.

The Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is a juggernaut. The conservative has now won 3 elections in a Blue State in 4 years. His bona fides are currently unparalleled among GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Will the next Attorney General be a surprise candidate from New York City?


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