What We’re Reading November 6, 2014

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Trending: What’s Wrong with Liberals?

The Republicans Won BIG on Tuesday night… Real Big.

Well, here’s my counterintuitive take on the midterms: The big winners are those who won big, the Republicans. They won the Senate, easily. They won a larger share of the House. They won governorships in blue states like Illinois and Maryland.

The Voters destroyed the Democrat myths of why and how people were voting. This wasn’t about anti-incumbency or distaste with the legislature… this was about Obama’s terrible agenda.

The midterm elections were a referendum on President Obama and his policies.

Oh by the way… 28 Senators who voted FOR Obamacare in 2009 will not be in the Senate in 2015.

Remember all of that Democrat handwringing about the polls being skewed too heavily towards the GOP? It turns out that the polls were indeed skewed… but they were skewed in the opposite direction towards the Democrat Party!

How did Cory Gardner (R-CO) dash Democrat hopes and retake Colorado for Republicans? Could his path forward be copied in other purple and blue states?

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham wants to be President…

Evangelical Christians are worried about the government’s keen-eyed focus on their constituents, and the recent hubbub in Houston is just an example of that.

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