What We’re Reading November 3, 2014

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Trending: The Jesus was a Socialist Lie

We are just one day away from the 2014 National Midterm Elections. Please, please, please do your Civic Duty and go vote. Before you vote – please make sure to be an informed voter – grab a voter’s guide and find out which candidate is the best fit for you!

Folks – it may be time to start getting excited… the GOP’s chances of taking the Senate Majority look better than ever. Nate Silver of 538 says, “The FiveThirtyEight model accounts for the possibility that the polls could be systematically biased — in either direction. If I instead tell the model to assume the polls have no overall bias — even though they might be off in particular states — the Democrats’ chances of keeping the Senate would be just 17 percent. Democrats are becoming increasingly dependent on the possibility that the polls will prove to be “skewed.”’

President Obama has hit an all-time low in the new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Ross Douthat at the New York Times explains how it is that the once mighty Obama has fallen to such historic lows.

While President Obama may be to blame for the backlash against the Democrat Party across much of the country, in Nevada the blame should be laid squarely at the feet of Senator Harry Reid. Reid has singlehandedly destroyed the Democrat Party machine in Nevada.

Russia is back to its old tricks – they’ve invaded Ukraine once again…

Popular liberal “This is what a Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts… are made in sweatshops in Mauritius! It would take two weeks salary for the women making the shirts to actually buy one!


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