What We’re Reading November 28, 2014

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The day after Thanksgiving George Will would like to introduce you to the real American “turkeys.”

At the National Review Online, Kevin Williamson writes – “Our founding fathers knew when to build, and when to fight – and what to build, and what to fight.”

After 20+ years of dramatically falling crime numbers, have Americans turned on the police because we’ve forgotten what crime was like before?

Most Americans still believe that America should welcome immigrants with (mostly) open arms.

President Obama has had a tough month, but he now says that he’s “heard” America. The real question is… has America stopped listening to him?

The Obama administration’s lies about Obamacare matter.

A government with a credibility gap is always in trouble. But an Obama administration that can be counted on to tell the truth about ObamaCare is a government with an approval rating that will not only sink lower in the polls but also be unable to justify the president’s main legislative achievement.

Now that President Obama has shoved Chuck Hagel out the door, we can honestly wonder… why did he appoint him in the first place?

Would Americans prefer to appease Iran rather than stand against them?

Some blacks are urging a black Friday boycott.

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