What We’re Reading November 22, 2014

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President Obama’s move to force Executive Amnesty upon the American people represents an active Constitutional Crisis, the likes of which this generation has never seen. President Obama’s Executive Amnesty speech from Thursday night was chock-full of misleading information, half-truths and outright lies… says Jay Carney!

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Republicans are united against the President in his move to grant amnesty by decree to over 5 Million illegal aliens – but they are not united in their philosophy on immigration moving forward. The journey to consensus may be just as tough as their battle against the President’s despotic amnesty actions.

Over at Ace of Spades HQ, Drew M., has an interesting idea about how the Republicans should discipline President Obama for his decision to try to push Executive Amnesty… the Republicans should not invite the President to give the State of the Union in a joint-session of Congress.

The recent Obamacare scandal involving Jonathan Gruber has reminded some of the fact that MOST Americans don’t actually want the government to “guarantee” healthcare coverage.

The Senate will be voting December 1st on whether or not to confirm two controversial Obama appointees to Ambassadorships. They’re controversial because they just happen to be two big Obama donors.

Voter ID Laws don’t actually affect voter turnout – even if the Democrats pretend they do.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had breakfast with Democrat icon and well-known race baiter and tax evader, Al Sharpton.

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