What We’re Reading November 15, 2014

What We’re Reading November 15, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Saturday November 15, 2014.

The richest 1% of Americans pay 24% of Federal income taxes!! The richest 20% pay 69% of income taxes! Yet somehow the schlubs who make up the Occupy movement think that the wealthy aren’t covering their “fair share.” How about this last stat: the bottom 20% of American earners paid LESS than 1% of federal income taxes.

Not too long ago, the Democrats believed that they had built a “permanent majority.” Then they decided to force Obamacare onto the American people – ever since it’s been a steady trend downward for the Democrats and a steady revitalization of the GOP.

How to Prepare for the Collapse of Obamacare.

The USA – China Climate Change deal is a terrible one for the USA. Fortunately, it really doesn’t matter…

President Obama desperately wants “to matter.”

The House of Representatives has approved the Keystone XL Pipeline… the question is will the Democrat run Senate do the same? They’ve now had 9 chances…. I guess we’ll see if the 9th time is the charm.

This baby has been smiling since before he was born and his parents have the sonograms to prove it. Notice how the people from the clinic speak of the baby as a person… even before he was born. We inherently KNOW that abortion is wrong.

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