What We’re Reading November 12, 2014

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Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner argues that the only way for Republicans to win a Presidential race in 2016 (or any other year) is by nominating a true-blue conservative to be President. Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller is in general agreement with Klein, but wonders if McCain and Romney weren’t both special cases and if a moderate nominee in 2016 might stand a better chance than they did.

Some liberals are starting to notice that the Tea Party is smarter, more sophisticated and more disciplined than they originally thought.

Jeb Bush’s Presidential candidacy is not as sure-of-a-thing as the GOP establishment would have you think – there are many reasons that a Bush candidacy would be a very bad idea for Republicans.

One of the reasons that Jeb Bush may not be a shoe-in for running for President is Marco Rubio, who also has Presidential plans of his own. In a matchup between Senator Rubio and Senator Rand Paul, the Atlantic wonders which Senator would come out on top. (Spoiler Alert – the Atlantic picks Paul on the strength of his non-interventionist foreign policy with regard to Iraq.)

Speaking of Senator Paul, he has a new op-ed in the Daily Beast arguing vociferously that President Obama’s War on ISIS is illegal.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued an order temporarily blocking gay marriage in Kansas!

Democrats bad decision making came back to haunt them in the 2014 midterms.

Obamacare may not need Republicans to kill it… it might die on it’s own.

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