What We’re Reading March 6, 2015

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As the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email service while working at the State Department grows – liberal pundits continue to spin and juke in an effort to salvage Clinton’s presidential hopes. The pro-abortion Emily’s List VP, Jess McIntosh, argued that the media should stop talking about the email scandal because it could push Democrat voters to vote 3rd Party! Oh the horror! And CNN’s Paul Begala got straight to the point when he said “Voters do not give a sh-t about what email Hillary used. They don’t even give a fart.” But the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter if voters care or not… Hillary Clinton at least broke federal regulations and at the most broke federal law… her candidacy SHOULD be over. The disgusting hypocrisy and the egregious arrogance of the Clinton Team is in full display through this scandal, and it’s simply more evidence of the “ends justify the means” nature of the Clinton political philosophy.

Harry Reid’s corruption knows no bounds as the Nevada Democrat brags about getting subsidies for companies that pour money into his campaign.

If you want to understand the problem with American higher education today, look squarely at the government bureaucracy that chains our colleges and universities.

The Obama administration totally bungled the Benjamin Netanyahu visit and speech.

Obamacare is Orwellian. “Orwellian semantics are a standard aspect of Obamacare, a law that’s named the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” even though in reality it has triggered the cancellation of individual health insurance plans, narrowed choices of doctors and hospitals, and jacked up the sticker price of insurance.”

These big rats are awesome.

Our prayers go out to Harrison Ford for a speedy recovery and to his family for comfort. The iconic movie star who will forever be Indiana Jones and Han Solo to kids from the 70’s and 80’s was in a plane crash on Thursday and is still in serious condition.

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