What We’re Reading March 2, 2015

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CPAC 2015 came to an end over the weekend, and the 2016 Presidential election has finally kicked off. No one made any “surprising” announcements… but if the tenor of their speeches is to be believed, then almost every major speaker at CPAC is a currently planning to run. From the no doubters like Jeb Bush to the “really?” candidates like Donald Trump.

After CPAC Chris Christie (R-NJ) says he is ready, willing and able to fight for the GOP nomination.

Some fear that Dr. Ben Carson’s decision to run for the Presidency could diminish his very important legacy as a medical pioneer.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is a perfect example of why the GOP will always be the “frustrated party.” We can’t actually accomplish anything with people like him in the ranks of the legislature. He has no understanding of what is actually happening, and he actively works against the very people he should be allying with!

Iran could become the moment where the Obama administration officially collapses.

I’m fairly sure Netanyahu will deliver a powerful speech, in part because he is eloquent in English and forceful in presentation. But there is another reason this speech may be strong: Netanyahu has a credible case to make. Any nuclear agreement that allows Iran to maintain a native uranium-enrichment capability is a dicey proposition; in fact, any agreement at all with an empire-building, Assad-sponsoring, Yemen-conquering, Israel-loathing, theocratic terror regime is a dicey proposition.

John Boehner could be, once again, on the threshold of having his leadership challenged by conservatives within the House. Another coup attempt be on the way.

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