What We’re Reading June 28, 2014

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The bad news for Democrats is that the media is still talking about how incredibly wealthy the Clinton family is!

Chuck Todd nails it, “It’s not like they’ve acquired their wealth from hard work.”

Hillary Clinton’s book tour is reminding everyone of her weaknesses as a candidate.

Marco Rubio’s big speech at Hillsdale College is still earning him accolades from conservatives around the country.

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) may be considering a run for the White House… we say, “Please, no.” Corker and other GOP establishment prima donnas are the last thing our Party needs in the White House.

Two recent events show why the grassroots GOP hates the GOP leadership. Read about the disgusting happenings in Mississippi and the corrupt and offensive goings-on in Virginia.

In fact, the GOP leadership that allowed what happened in Mississippi should be ashamed of themselves. More than that… what happened in Mississippi is exactly why we should all seriously consider bailing on the GOP.

GOP neocons are rearing their heads again. As the GOP establishment regains strength, so do the neocons. And that is not a good thing for us. Now they want us to listen to Dick Cheney instead of Rand Paul. That would be a BIG mistake.

The Obama Administration is warning that Israel could get dragged into war with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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