What We’re Reading June 13, 2014

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Trending: Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder

Conservative scion George Will explains what Eric Cantor’s loss really means for the GOP.

Fiscal conservatives and GOP libertarians are now smelling blood in the water… they want to see all of the Cantor-type Republicans get tossed. Eric Cantor was a noxious, cookie-cutter, U.S. Chamber, GOP hypocrite. We need legislators who don’t just talk limited government but do it. Will anybody really miss Eric Cantor? Probably not. 

As voters show their disapproval with moderate Republicans, Mitt Romney is working to get himself back into the GOP command structure.

Ukraine is on “the edge” of Civil War, and things may be getting even uglier.

With the news that the Iraqi army is being overwhelmed by terrorist forces, one has to wonder if the Iraq war was a complete and utter waste  of American blood, time and resources.

Young Russians (who weren’t around during the Soviet years) are now longing for a return to their former “glory.” A glory where their government murdered indiscriminately, where they terrorized other nations, where the people stood in line hours at a time just for a loaf of bread… disgusting.

Italian man has a sex change and now he has to fight the government to let him stay married to his wife.

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