What We’re Reading June 11, 2014

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The Left loves to politicize tragedy.

Hillary Clinton’s comments about being “dead broke” matter; they matter a lot.

The conservative playbook against Hillary Clinton is out – and Republicans are hoping it will work.

Why can’t we take down Lindsey Graham? Meanwhile, in Mississippi, a guy who is the exact opposite of Lindsey Graham is hoping to pull off an upset. Chris McDaniel is exactly what the Beltway Republican RINO’s hate about the Tea Party.

Colleges are growing more and more militant in their fight against Christianity in their midst.

The VA has teams of professionals whose job it is to help improve facilities that are running behind VA standards, but in 2011 the VA stopped sending teams to its troubled hospitals – perhaps exacerbating problems in an already troubled system.

The White House is making a play to get “working dads” some extra time off.

Many Afghanis are worried about their economy now that they are seeing American investment dollars starting to decline.

Gross. A Tennessee man is accused of killing a woman, dismembering her and then eating her corpse.

Even Grosser. What the heck, South Carolina!?! Lindsey Graham is not a conservative; stop voting for him, people!

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