What We’re Reading July 8, 2014

What We’re Reading July 8, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Tuesday July 8, 2014.

A British citizen who has joined the terrorist group ISIS, and is now fighting in Iraq and Syria, was recently interviewed by a daytime show in Britain. “I’m going to stay and fight until the Khilafah [rule of Islam] is established or I die,” he told Good Morning Britain. “One of the happiest moments of my life was when the plane took off from [London’s] Gatwick Airport. I was so happy, because as a Muslim, you cannot live in the country of Kuffars [disbelievers].”

Britain’s best hope likely lies in leaving the E.U.

Americans love their conservative Presidents – even when that President happens to have a D beside his name.

Conservative candidate Chris McDaniel is still fighting to make his case in an effort to be the next Senator from Mississippi.

Recent studies show that most Americans don’t want to see “mass deportation,” but they do want to see more deportations.

So who are we fighting? Our government says that the Syrian government is the worst “machinery of death” since the era of the Nazi’s. But some in our government are arguing for a strategic alliance with Syria to fight the ISIS terrorists.

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