What We’re Reading July 5, 2014

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This 4th of July remember America is #1 and we’re going to stay that way, because… no one else comes even close.

As political scientist Samuel Huntington, “[T]he United States is unlikely to decline so long as its public is periodically convinced that it is about to decline. The declinists play an indispensable role in preventing what they are predicting.”

Some liberals are none too happy with President Obama’s executive power grabs and they’re willing to agree with Republicans… if that’s what it takes to stop Obama’s Executive Overreach.

Does the recently decided Hobby Lobby case prove that America is a nation in danger of fracturing in half?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been told to no longer use the term “alien” when speaking about illegal immigrant children. Instead they will now call these illegals… “unaccompanied children.”

Is Hamas really ready to stop fighting with Israel? After the recent murders of four innocent teenagers (3 Israeli and 1 Palestinian) might both sides finally be ready to stop the bloodshed?

Is Vladimir Putin being honest when he says that Russia wants to have a better relationship with the United States?

“The head of the Russian state expressed hope that … ties between the two countries will develop successfully on the basis of pragmatism and equality despite difficulties and disagreements,” the Kremlin said in a statement, outlining a telegram sent to Obama on the July 4 holiday.

“Vladimir Putin also highlighted that Russia and the United States, as countries carrying exceptional responsibility for safeguarding international stability and security, should cooperate not only in the interests of their own nations but also the whole world.”

ISIS is losing ground in Iraq… but gaining it in Syria.

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