What We’re Reading July 2, 2014

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Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against the Obama Administration and decided that the contraceptive mandate is unconstitutional, President Obama is considering using executive actions to try to “fix” the contraceptive mandate.

More horrible problems with the VA rear their ugly head in Boston. An Acton, Massachusetts veteran is finally able to get himself a doctor’s appointment… sadly, he died more than 2 years ago.

Almost 60% of Americans personally blame President Obama for the flood of illegal immigrant children making their way across our southern border.

A sad new study shows that it is really quite likely that the United States created Iraq’s ISIS problem by supporting ISIS terrorists in Syria.

Meet the world’s most wanted man.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sure is one brave leader. He’s so brave, he doesn’t even have an opinion on the Hobby Lobby decision.

It’s weird how the press likes to reveal their crushes on Republicans… after they die.

An insider tells the truth… the major news networks don’t care about uncovering truth.

Sad. Since 2006 the USA has seen a 20% increase in the number of Americans who believe that our government is rife with corruption.

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