What We’re Reading January 5, 2015

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Trending: Hillary Clinton Says Something Absolutely Insane

Maybe the Arab Spring wasn’t what Liberals the world over thought it would be? Apparently the Arab Spring has sparked the biggest migrant wave on our planet since World War II.

Anecdotal evidence may be hard to ignore, but the fact of the matter is that racism as a political factor has basically (and for all practical purposes) disappeared.

White racism, once such a powerful force in US politics, is now almost undetectable when Americans go to the polls. 

Jason Riley, author of the new book “Please Stop Helping Us,” observes that the trend “was most pronounced in red states like Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi,” and that black voter turnout in 2012 surpassed white turnout by statistically significant margins . . . [even] in states with the strictest voter-ID laws.”

Welcome to Washington! Congress will welcome 58 “Freshman” lawmakers to their ranks this week.

The liberals’ new favorite rallying cry is simply more proof that they are both illogical and impatient.

Now!” is the compact variation on “the time for debate is over,” which, as Jonah Goldberg points out, it always is when a Democrat is losing the argument. But it’s the same time when the Left is winning the argument, too.

Democrats hope that 2015 is a lot like 1991

History never repeats, but sometimes things circle back in intriguing ways. How else to explain parallels between 1992 and 2016, with a pair of candidates named Clinton, at the start of their presidential campaigns, shadowed by liberal icons of the Democratic Party?

But for Democrats, Jim Webb may actually be their best shot at retaining the White House in 2016.

Dating apps can be blamed for a spike in urban STD’s. Ain’t technology grand?

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