What We’re Reading January 27, 2015

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Trending: Army found Guilty of Discrimination for Barring Transgender MAN from Female Restrooms

The Obama administration continues down their road of idiocy – they still won’t admit that we are fighting “Radical Islam”. In fact, this past weekend one State Department official said that there was “nothing religious” about ISIS’ decision to execute their prisoners.

In France, people are simply dumbstruck by President Obama’s (and his administration’s) refusal to call these terrorists what they are – soldiers of “Radical Islam.”

The government of Iraq is leaning more and more on “sleeper cells” embedded within the Islamic State.

“Sleeper cells” made up of former Iraqi police officers and soldiers are tipping off authorities to Islamic State group positions in the northern city of Mosul, a prominent lawmaker has told The Associated Press.

Um. This makes me feel… like it’s 1960. The FBI just arrested a Russian spy in New York City, and in so doing broke up a Russian spy ring. They weren’t able to arrest 2 of the other spies because they had diplomatic immunity.

The statheads at 538 have crunched the numbers and found some interesting data. Apparently everyone knows who Chris Christie is… but nobody really likes him!

Hillary Clinton may be the popular Democrat choice… but Elizabeth Warren could beat her in Iowa and New Hampshire… which would mean she could probably beat her in a primary fight!

Britain’s National Health Service is working hard to make Sarah Palin’s nightmare of “death panels” reality. They’ve developed a “Death Test” which will help them figure out who is most likely to die – which will in turn help them decide who they are going to help.

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