What We’re Reading January 22, 2015

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President Obama State of the Union speech has been roundly criticized as a BUST – but there may be even more trouble ahead for the President. The Associate Press (AP) released its Fact Check of the SOTU and found that President Obama’s speech was riddled with inaccuracies and lies.

Even after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, those Europeans willing to stand against Islam remain steadfast.

The logical conclusion to the left’s “Culture of Death” is rearing its head in California. A new “Right-to-Die” law is being proposed and if liberals have their way… will pass.

The GOP seems ready to bend (or even break) on immigration. The newly minted majority in both Houses of Congress are looking for new ideas on immigration reform.

It’s not just Republicans – EVERYONE seems to hate Obamacare’s “Cadillac” tax!

If you want to know why Obama fails you don’t have to look too far.

When dealing with congressional Republicans, Obama seems dejected and disinterested. When fighting them, he seems to have an extra spring in his step. That’s been evident since he decided to take the fight to Congress, pledging to use executive authority and the bully pulpit to fight for his priorities.

There’s a place for fighters in politics. That’s just not the guy we were promised in the red states, blue states speech.

No matter how convinced Obama is of the rightness of his ideas, there are still two houses of Congress. Republicans should know. They won both of them.

Does anyone actually believe that Obama actually believes what he says?

Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard doesn’t think so – in fact, he says, that President Obama’s speech was just “blowing smoke.”

On this subject and many others in his address, Obama is blowing smoke. He claims wonderful things have happened in his presidency, now entering its seventh year. But most of his claims are false or weren’t the result of his policies. 


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