What We’re Reading January 10, 2015

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Our media is full of cowards and our politicians have forgotten the purpose of free speech.

The terrorist attack in Paris is about far more than Islam or Cartoons

The fantasy in which extremist fanatics and those who listen to them can be mollified by “balanced” appraisals like Carney’s, or by abject surrender on the part of the Fred Lawrences of the world, should have been shattered forever by the events in Paris yesterday.

But for far too many people in positions of power, it has proved dreadfully easy to remain lost in fantasy rather than to accept we are in an existential battle against the world’s most evil men.

US forces in Iraq are working hard to train Iraqi soldiers in preparation for coming close quarters combat with ISIS.

Al Qaeda in Yemen is claiming responsibility for Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Paris.

The media may not tell you this, but Obamacare is HURTING low income workers.

Scientists attending the Indian Science Congress this week were treated to a lively discussion on man-made global warming… which may finally be opening up to REAL debate. As more scientists feel comfortable being honest about global warming, we may see more lines like this coming from these climate events… “fears of man-made global warming were greatly exaggerated,” said one scientist.

On Thursday, Mars was actually warmer than 14 different states across the northern part of the country.

Florida saw record setting snow this past week!

Rand Pauls’s (R-KY) wife may be his “secret weapon” in the upcoming Presidential campaign.

Most people are now streaming their entertainment from the Internet instead of using traditional TV.


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