What We’re Reading February 7, 2015

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In perhaps a twisted form of justice, now that ISIS has consolidated control over a semi-fixed region – they’ve begun murdering each other almost as fast as they’ve been murdering others.

The internal bloodletting among ISIS factions has begun, and could get much worse.

The propagandists of the putative Islamic State would have you believe it is just one big happy family, righteously slaughtering apostates, enslaving women (literally), beheading and burning alive its prisoners, all in the name of God. But quarrels over a range of issues—from divvying up of the spoils of war to competition over women and, yes, the handling of foreign hostages—point to a lot of trouble beneath the surface of this terror army.

Trouble in Europe – as the European nations signal that they will not be helping Ukraine in their struggle against Russia, the USA is moving forward with plans to arm Ukraine against Russia. Now the question is… what will Vladimir Putin do if we give weapons to Ukraine?

The GOP has several options to end the immigration stalemate – sadly, none of them seem to be any good.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) continues to build his positive momentum as the media starts to notice that he could be the one candidate to appeal to every member of the GOP.

The New York Times wonders just how super-fake Jeb Bush could actually be…

The liberal media is trying to turn Hillary Clinton’s age in her favor by painting her as some saintly “Grandmother-in-chief.”

Ebola is sticking around.

Comedian Jimmy Fallon has become a life-saver for celebrities in potentially career-ending disasters.

Some fans of the Seattle Seahawks used the passing of their family member to troll the Seahawks for their horrible play calling in the Super Bowl!

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