What We’re Reading February 5, 2015

What We’re Reading February 5, 2015

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Thursday February 5, 2015.

The liberal media is “dangerously politicizing vaccines.” You’d think that the vaccine question could be a simple one – apparently, it’s not.

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) has already become a force to be reckoned with on the fundraising front thanks to the tough races he’s won in Wisconsin. The recall race may have done more to help him become President than liberals may want to admit. Now Governor Walker is targeting Mitt Romney’s donor network, which could rile some feathers in the Jeb Bush campaign.

While the Scott Walker bandwagon is clearly filling up early in 2015, it’s way too soon to believe that the grass-roots level conservatives are going to be punching their ballots for the Wisconsin Governor. The problem is that while Walker is obviously a conservative, the issues he’s softest on happen to be among the most important for the grassroots conservative voter. He may have problems on Illegal Immigration and the Common Core.

So at the moment, Walker is all things to all men. That may not last. On two of the issues nearest and dearest to the conservative base, Walker’s positions are a little blurry. His record shows there could be openings for primary contenders running to his right—think Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz—to try to peg him as a squishy RINO–surrender-caucus member.

In recent months Hillary Clinton has tried to pass herself off as a member of the hoi polloi, but the truth is that she is as upper class as they come. When it comes to lifestyle, there is just no doubt… Hillary is living the High Life.

Piers Morgan, formerly of CNN, says that watching ISIS burn the captured Jordanian pilot alive was the “most abominable thing” he has ever seen.

Teen cuts off own hand to “cure” his Internet addiction!

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