What We’re Reading December 8, 2014

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The 2014 Midterm elections are finally over, and the last Democrat to fall was CRUSHED in glorious fashion by her Republican rival.

And so it begins… the House GOP establishment is working hard to hide the details of the next spending bill from Conservatives because of worry that conservative could revolt.

Hillary Clinton has had plenty of experience in the White House… too bad all of that experience has come doing one thing – “mucking things up.” Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve just witnessed the Failed “Co-Presidency” of Hillary Clinton.

Folks, you might not have realized it, but for the last few weeks you may have been watching as the mainstream media finally fell apart for good.

Part of that collapse happened in-large-part because of the insane focus on “rape culture” that has invaded the modern cultural left.

I saw a different kind of lynch mob recently at Columbia University. There wasn’t a pitchfork in sight. No one started a fire. Yet this gathering of self-styled justice enforcers, who were loudly demanding the metaphorical scalp of an individual they suspected of doing something bad, nonetheless had the same scary moral righteousness and disregard for due process as every other lynch mob in history. It’s just that they were better dressed, better educated, far more middle-class than the usual fire-wielding dispensers of mob justice. It was an Ivy League lynch mob.

Pulitzer would be aghast if he’d been forced to witness the collapse of our media over the last few weeks.

The death of a Nazi war criminal in Syria reminds us that Egypt and Syria have long had ties to the Nazi death/hate machine.

By the way, white cops are not victimizing black kids.

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