What We’re Reading December 5, 2014

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Eric Garner’s death was a crime, but his arrest may be exactly why crime has been dropping precipitously since the early 1990’s. The government of New York and its nanny state policies are the real murderer in the Eric Garner case.

The USA has a rich tradition of interfering in Israeli elections, but it seems likely that Obama will be forced to sit this one out.

Do white people in America get away with more crime? Seems so…

Studies show that for an identical crime, black teenagers are more likely to be arrested or jailed than white teenagers. Black people are around four times as likely to get arrested for marijuana possession, despite surveys showing black people use marijuana less than white people, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Even after being convicted of a crime, being white may still hold advantages. A Princeton University study examined hundreds of American employers’ hiring and found that white people with felony convictions were preferred as much as black people with clean backgrounds.

Yuck. Mitt Romney’s inner circle is sure that he’s running!

Sadly, the US Birth rate has hit an all-time low. It seems that America is rushing to join Europe among the world’s nations that are now literally dying.

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