What We’re Reading December 19, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Friday December 19, 2014.

The media is so desperate that they’ve begun to push the sad narrative that Obama is on some kind of “win streak.”

Does President Obama’s decision to open the nation’s doors to Cuba mark a turning point in the way the President will deal with other nations that are currently in our doghouse? (Iran included?)

Is North Korea’s cyber-attack on Sony enough to be called an act of war on the United States? Does the decision to pull the move “the Interview” from theaters mean that North Korea has won?

The Democrats have become the party of “stupid.”

A constant of political life has been that there is only one “stupid party” in America—the Republican Party. Then one day you get out of bed, look out the window and what do you see? Democrats. The Democrats are turning themselves into the new stupid party of American politics.

More and more Americans are finding it difficult to pay for their healthcare – there’s another Obamacare promise that was actually a complete crock.

We’re going to miss Tom Coburn (R-OK) – if all of America had listened to Coburn things in this world would be much better off.

There are a lot of good, conservative reasons for us to normalize relations with Cuba.

It’s sad, but we are watching as academia’s own liberal bias is steadily killing social science studies.

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