What We’re Reading December 12, 2014

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Trending: Muslim Religious Leader says Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder

Weird. In Syria the data seems to suggest that the Assad regime and ISIS have been avoiding each other… instead of fighting each other.

John Boehner (R-OH) was embarrassed on Thursday when the House nearly voted to kill his omnibus spending bill before it ever even got off the ground.

The GOP leadership is now squirming trying to figure out what to do next – the so-called “cromni-bus” bill could be dead if the leadership moves forward… and they risk angering many conservatives if they do.

Ramesh Ponnuru explains why it seems that the GOP establishment keeps winning the battle on Presidential nominations, while the conservative grassroots keeps falling short.

Louis Freeh of the Wall Street Journal feels like Senate Democrats have gotten amnesia and seemingly forgotten what the world was like post 9/11.

A newly released report shows that the US government tried to topple the Castro regime by igniting a hip-hop driven revolution!

Surprise, surprise… a new report released by the Department of Justice proves that college students are actually LESS LIKELY to be victimized by sexual assault!

Governor Andrew Cuomo has sent a letter to insurers in New York state telling them that they will soon be FORCED by the state to cover transgender surgeries.


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