What We’re Reading August 9, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Saturday August 9, 2014.

Trending: Black Lives Matter: A Supremacist Group That Supports Assassinations in the Cause of Allah

How’s this for overwhelming poll numbers? A full 70% of Americans think that the rising tide of immigration is a real threat to the American way of life.

The White House says that the rise in illegal immigration has been directly influenced by the rise in violence in Latin America. However, the #2 man in the White House, Joe Biden, says that’s just not so. Uh-oh, I think VP Biden just stuck his foot in his mouth… again.

Britain’s Daly Mail ran a piece showing the pictures taken by ISIS themselves, showing how these Islamic barbarians treat prisoners. Be warned – it’s not for the faint of heart.

Um, does anyone else think we may be in for a ton of trouble in Iraq? Again?

Here’s your introduction to the Liberian slum that is ground zero for the latest and most terrifying outbreak of Ebola our planet has ever seen.

In most states marijuana is actually a bargain compared to beer.

A liberal writer for Mother Jones doesn’t think many people actually believe abortion is murder for a few reasons… sadly he might be right.

Almost 20% of retirement age Americans… have no retirement savings.

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