What We’re Reading August 5, 2014

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Trending: Republican Headquarters In Rockford, Illinois Vandalized With Vile Graffiti

Americans overwhelmingly support Israel — and the mainstream media just can’t believe it. It seems that most Americans can see right through all of the mixed messages the media is sending and read the real lede on the Israel-Palestinian story. Most Americans understand that Israel is under near constant attack from a group of people who ally themselves with al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah and other terroristic Islamist groups. Most Americans also understand that, unlike the Palestinians and Hamas, Israel is not a racist and bigoted nation. Most Americans know that in Palestine the leaders of Hamas make all decisions on who lives and who dies – while in Israel we have our only pro-Western Democracy in the Middle East. Most Americans get what the media doesn’t… Israel is the only good guy in a sea of evil.

The Obama era has been a master class in learning that the government is easily corrupted – which is why it should remain small and find its powers severely limited.

Eric Holder finally admits to being just a political activist and nothing more. Our “Attorney General” says it’s his “responsibility to change things.” Um, NO, Mr. AG. It’s your responsibility to faithfully serve out your term as Attorney General. The job you were hired to do. Nobody hired you to change anything.

Five myths about impeachment.

The IRS has a god complex.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is reaching out in ways that the GOP has yet to do…

There could still be a GOP “Wave” Election coming this fall… Yep, 2016 may be the GOP’s year!

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